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>Poznámka autora

Penchill Gage, crafted by the skilled hands of MJType, is a font that embodies the essence of personal touch in a digital world. Its handwritten style exudes an extra-light weight, conveying a sense of delicate elegance and intimate sophistication. Each stroke in Penchill Gage tells a story, weaving character and flair into words with its graceful curves and fine lines.

This font's aesthetic charm lies in its ability to capture the beauty of human penmanship while maintaining readability and visual harmony. It whispers rather than shouts, making it ideal for applications that require a gentle yet distinct presence—from wedding invitations to branding materials, or any creative endeavor that benefits from a touch of bespoke finesse.

Whether overlaying images in editorial content or standing alone as typographic art, Penchill Gage invites viewers into a world where every letter is infused with personality. Its suitability spans diverse projects, ensuring that your message is not just seen but felt.

Before deciding to use this font for any commercial purposes, it's essential to be cautious and take the time to go through the terms and conditions. Remember, not knowing the rules doesn't excuse any legal issues.

By installing or using this font, you're essentially agreeing to the Font Usage Agreement, which includes the following points:

1. This font is strictly meant for personal use only, and using it for promotional or commercial purposes is not allowed.
2. You need a license for any promotional or commercial use.
3. Commercial Purposes License is available on my website :
4. Violating this agreement could lead to a charge equivalent to 100 times the standard desktop license price.
5. For any inquiries, such as getting a quote for a specific project, feel free to contact us at

Any donations are highly appreciated.

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Thank you.

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Základní informace o písmu

Rodina písma
Penchill Gage
Podrodina písma
Jednoznačné označení podrodiny
Version 1.000;PYRS;Penchill Gage;2024;FL820
Celý název písma
Penchill Gage
Verze tabulky názvu
Version 1.000
Postscriptový název písma
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Podporované platformy

UnicodeUnikód 2.0 a následná sémantika, jen BMP Unicode
MacintoshZápadní (roman)
MicrosoftPouze BMP Unicode

Podrobnosti o písmu

Počet znaků221
Jednotek na Em1000
Práva pro vkládáníVložení pro trvalou instalaci
Rodinná třídaPsané
VáhaVelmi tenké
ŠířkaStředné (normální)
Mac styleTučné
SměrJen znaky směrovány zleva doprava + obsahují neutrály