Scary Glyphs and Nice Characters

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Copying the same thing over and over:
A font inspired by Skrillex logo. Skrillex is a stage name of Sonny Moore, an electronic music artist who is famous for his dubstep releases, especially his EP called "Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites".


A message for everyone:
If you're about to type "Skrillex" only, I recommend you making or downloading a perfect vector trace of the original logotype OR just hit "&", if you decide to use my font for your design. I often see Skrillex's logo adaptations made using this font and... I don't know why, but people somehow screw it up almost everytime.


- created on FontStruct (a great, free, online tool and community that I recommend mostly for beginners, but everyone's welcome -

- numerals added

- changed the name, removed "(Skrillex font" part
- added the following characters: "!", "?", "-", "_", ",", ".", "$".

- lengthened "J", so it looks a bit more like "J"
- redone in FontLab Studio with kerning, better spacing and some other, minor or major improvements.

Cheers to all Skrillex and dubstep fans over the world! Feel free to use this font commercially or non-commercially and, most of all, have a nice day.

Make sure to check out my other fonts!

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Contact address: or

I do not own any rights to Skrillex brand and/or any of trademarks related to it. I am not taking any responsibility for legal issues resulting from usage of this font. The font itself is not 100% accurate with "Skrillex" logotype. If you are the owner of the rights to the brand, you can complain by sending an e-mail to me on address:

By using this font, you agree to terms and conditions described in the license (license.txt). If you want to redistribute or share this font, please include all the files from the archive, not only the .ttf file.


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Copyright Neoqueto 2012
Rodina písma
Scary Glyphs and Nice Characters
Podrodina písma
Jednoznačné označení podrodiny
Neoqueto: ScaryGlyphs&NiceCharacters: 2012
Celý název písma
Scary Glyphs and Nice Characters
Verze tabulky názvu
Version 2.0
Postscriptový název písma
“Scary Glyphs & Nice Characters” was initially built with FontStruct

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Podporované platformy

UnicodeUnikód 2.0 a následná sémantika, jen BMP Unicode
MacintoshZápadní (roman)
MicrosoftPouze BMP Unicode

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Počet znaků73
Jednotek na Em1024
Práva pro vkládáníVložení povoleno pouze pro shlédnutí a tisk
Rodinná třídaBez klasifikace
VáhaStředně tenké
ŠířkaStředné (normální)
Mac styleTučné
SměrJen znaky směrovány zleva doprava + obsahují neutrály